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There is a growing segment of the traveling population that needs or prefers  to lodge at hotels and resorts that are sensory friendly when traveling or vacationing and are eagerly seeking such accommodations.  Our goal is to bring hotels that offer sensory friendly accommodations to this population. 

When you find a hotel or resort that is identified through the Sensory Star™ program designation and logo, you can expect a high level of sensory friendly accommodations it represents.  These Sensory Friendly Hotels & Resorts™ are featured here for your convenience and ready reference.

Each hotel that meets or exceeds the requirements may be admitted to the Sensory Star™ program and be a Sensory Friendly Hotel™ or a Sensory Friendly Resort™ and be featured in this website for ready reference of those who need or prefer accommodations that comply with precepts of a sensory friendly environment for the guests. These Sensory Friendly Hotels & Resorts™ will then be able to use the Sensory Star™ designation and logo to identify the specific property and the designated guestrooms.

Our Advisory Board consists of a trusted and dedicated panel of experts in the field of sensory processing who have, in collaboration, put together the requirements for any forward thinking hotel or resort to enter the Sensory Star™ program. Through the Sensory Star™ program, Sensory Friendly Hotels & Resorts™ are able to present their properties for this group of people who have important sensory considerations.

We sincerely desire to serve both the traveling population that requires or prefers a Sensory Friendly Hotel™ and the properties that offer it through our Sensory Star™ program.


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